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Why we use NHOU Protective Coatings

NH Oil Undercoating ®

Year after year millions of Americans invest in new or used vehicles. Keeping these vehicles running smoothly is even more important in these economically hard times. In terms of car maintenance, preventative measures are not only necessary but less costly than spending thousands to fix a major repair. When it comes to rust the same is true. Don’t wait for a nick a ping or a scratch to rust and cause widespread structural damage to your vehicle, take care of it as soon as you can before the rust starts.

Your vehicles metal undercarriage is

virtually unprotected from stones,

road salts, gravel, dirt and moisture

that can compromise and corrode

your frame and components and allow

oxygenation that will cause your

undercarriage to rust in crevices and

hard to detect areas of your vehicle.

What should be done to protect it is

the next question.

At American Rust Control, your car is put up on a lift and sprayed with NH Oil Undercoating® to a dry, clean undercarriage. NH Oil Undercoating® is a food safe petroleum based product that is environmentally friendly, solvent-free and non conductive and will not harm your vehicles wire connections or paint. NH Oil Undercoating® will not remove rust, however it will halt existing rust from spreading by penetrating through the rust to the base metal and stopping any further oxidization.

This spray on oil undercoating drips very little and will not dry out. NHOU will stick to your vehicles undercarriage to protect it from rust for up to one full year. It is proven rust protection for all vehicles, in all seasons and in all weather.

The fact is, a new vehicle contains thousands of spot welds and numerous bends and folds during production. This process damages the pre-coated metal, allowing exposure to the corrosion process. Besides cosmetic damage, corrosion also weakens a vehicle’s structural integrity

and can affect steering and suspension


The use of road brine solutions to remove

snow and ice from roadways has proven

even more effective and more economical

than rock salt and sand, but for motorists

this has come at a cost.

That’s because road brine is a liquefied compound with about 23 percent salt content and can be even more corrosive than its dry alternative to a car or truck’s exhaust system, gas tank and other undercarriage components, according to a new report from the American Automobile Association.

Engineering experts with AAA have concluded these road-clearing materials have cost U.S. drivers an estimated $15.4 billion in rust repairs over the last five years, or approximately $3 billion annually. All of this can be prevented by a yearly application of NHOU Oil by our specialists at American Rust Control. Call us to book an appointment today! 269-845-0511 We are located in Berrien Springs, Michigan.



We use NHOU undercoating solutions to protect your vehicle from rust and corrosion with just one application annually. Our industry-leading rust inhibitors protect these areas:

  • Rocker panels, tailgate & doors
  • Frame, suspension, brake components
  • Hood, fenders & lower body panels

We spray cars, vans, SUV's, pickup trucks, semi trucks, box trucks, fleet vehicles, utility and dump trailers, RV's, campers, farm equipment and municipal vehicles.



522 E. Linco Rd. Berrien Springs, Michigan 49103